Tanthalyn's Rise of the Runelords

Session 7

A Plea For Help

After a few days of rest, research, and relaxation, minus Dann who is helping Niska Mvashti, a elderly local druid, they are approached by Sheriff Hemlock at the Rusty dragon. He begins by once again thanking the group for all they have done for Sandpoint. He goes on asking for help, there has been a murder in town, last night at the lumber mill. Two bodies were found this morning, they were discovered by one of the mill’s workers, Ibor Thorn. But the thing that bothers him most is that it is the second set of murders in the last few days. He needs the help, but is afraid the group might also need help as the murderer may know of them to, at which point he hands the group a piece of bloodstained parchment, with Spiff’s name written in blood on the outside of the folded parchment.Handout 2-1 The sheriff provides the following leads.

He suggests the group begin at the lumber mill as the bodies are still present, and he would like to clean up as soon as possible. Ibor Thorn, the man who found the bodies is still in a holding cell below Sandpoint’s garrison. Ven Vinder is the sheriff’s only suspect though he is fairly certain he’s innocent. Sheriff then explains that two days ago a patrol of guards along the Lost Coast Road were attacked by a man obviously sick and insane, flesh fevered, eyes wild, mouth frothing, and clothes covered in blood. After the guards subdued him they investigated the barn and found the mutilated bodies of three men. All three bodies were to mutilated to identify, a piece of parchment was found on one of them, Sheriff Hemlock hands it to party to examine.Handout 2-2 Tarch Mortwell, Lener Hask, and Gedwin Tabe are notorious con men who the sheriff explains he forbade from operating their con games in Sandpoint. The insane man was identified as Grayst Sevilla, and was handed over to Erin Habe, caretaker of a sanatorium south of town. The sheriff provides the party with a letter of introduction to Habe. The sheriff deputizes the group and supplies badges after they ask.

The Lumber Mill

They begin at the lumber mill were a crowd has gathered but is held at bay by the watch, having been told to expect the party the watch let them into the lumber mill. Inside the mill is covered in sawdust with footprints and splashes of blood. Examining the tracks Rengar detects the scent of rotten meat and finds a set of footprints that entered through a window on the second floor. One body, that of Katrine Vinder, lies mangled, in a heap of bloodstained firewood on the lower floor, it appears she was killed in the mill’s log splitter. The other body, one of the mill’s operators, Banny Harker is found affixed to the wall by several hooks. The body id mutilated, the face carved away and lower jaw missing. His bare chest has a seven-pointed star carved into it. They identify the star as the “Sihedron Rune”. Examining the outside, Rengar finds where the prints of a barefoot human man clambefed out of the mud under the pier, crossed to the mill, and scaled the wall to a window on the second floor. Rengar decides to check the shoreline on the other side of the river but finds nothing.


Having searched the lumber mill and it’s surroundings, the group decides to head south to the sanatorium. They arrive at the sanatorium and are met by Erin Habe, who claims he is to busy to speak with group. After showing him letter from sheriff and some smooth talk he relents and lets the group speak to Grayst. He shows the group to a large room and returns with a man in a straight jacket with pale and gangrenous skin, wild hair, and milky white eyes. He is unresponsive until he spots Spiff, he starts talking about his lordship saying he would visit, and has a message he made me remember, “He said you should come to the Misgivings soon, to meet the Pack, for they have something wonderful to show you” While listening Spiff recognizes he is suffering from ghoul fever and decides to cure him, but as Spiff approaches Grayst collapses with a moan, moments later he rises a ghoul and the party quickly dispatch him. After dispatching Grayst they notice Erin on the other side of the room quite freaked out heading to a door. They ask and he tells them to go ahead an search the sanatorium. After some thought Garret recalls “the Misgivings” is another name the locals give the abandoned Foxglove Manor. They head upstairs to search and find a old and senile blind man on the second floor. Continuing to the third floor the find a empty cell, Grayst’s empty cell, and a cell occupied by a man afflicted with lycanthropy, after a short discussion Eon says he will return when he finds a cure. The final room they find has a large table with a patch of dead, decayed flesh. Returning to the first floor they find Erin with a old man in robes before they depart and head back to Sandpoint and resupply before heading to Foxglove Manor.

Walking Scarecrows

Having returned to Sandpoint, the group, still minus Dann who has not returned, is enjoying a meal at the Rusty Dragon, when the sheriff finds them and informs them there is a local farmer from the nearby farms that he thinks they should speak to. He takes them to meet Maester Grump who is frantically babbling about walking scarecrows. After calming him down, he recounts how the southern farmlands have become plaqued by walking scarecrows who come out at night, the farmers knew the problems began at the old Hambley place, as things haven’t been right there for a few days. A group of the locals went up there yesterday evening and were “attacked folks that looked like corpses but fed like starving animals, They even ate the dogs”. The sheriff asks the party to investigate. After a short trip they come to the outskirts of the Hambley farm. Following the road they come to a scarecrow among the crops, Spiff steps forward and pokes it with his sword releasing some of the straw within. They continue down the road, as they approach a crossroad with three scarecrows, two of them rip free from their bindings and attack. Garret lets loose with a volley of arrows dropping the first as it approaches, Eon fire an arcane missile at the other before Rengar steps forward and cleaves it in two. Moving along, feeling the scarecrows attack when you get close Garret decides to take target practice at range as the party winds through the fields on the way to the farmhouse. The first two scarecrows are filled with straw, but the third bleeds as the arrow strikes. Removing the hood they discover it was a farmer inflicted with ghoul fever tied up, he was on his last leg before turning. As they continue through the fields, with Garret continuing target practice, they find one more barely living scarecrow, one of straw, and eleven ghoul scarecrows. Finally reaching the farm, they decide to check out the barn first. Inside the barn they are met by six ghouls. Spiff steps in and immediately attacks dropping the first of the ghouls. Rengar steps in attacking two. Blue begins his routine of bad humor, the ghouls oblivious but it seems to inspire the group. Garret launches in with a volley of arrows, while Eon slings arcane energy. Spiff then moves in and channels the positive energy if his deity, killing two and wounding the others. They quickly dispatch the remaining ghouls with ease. Moving to the farmhouse, they find it in a terrible state, beyond the main room they see a decaying corpse on a table, but between them stands a ghast. Rengar immediately charges forward to engage, after swinging wildly the ghast strikes Rengar and his muscles all tense up and he finds himself unable to move or talk. Eon steps in releasing jets of flame from his hands, before Spiff smites the vile creature. Examining the body they find a seven-pointed star carved in the dead bodied chest, and a single piece of parchment pinned to its tunic, again with Spiff’s name on it.Handout 2-3 They also find a rusted iron key. With Rengar’s paralysis wearing off, they tend their wounds and decide to head to Foxglove Manor. Meanwhile, back in Sandpoint Dann returns and speaks to the sheriff. The sheriff informs him of where the party has gone to, and tells him there has been another murder in town while the party has been gone, and gives Dann a note addressed to Spiff that was left on the latest victim.Handout 2-4 Dann sets out to catch up with the party.

Foxglove Manor

After another days travel they come to the remains of a buildings foundation as they approach Foxglove Manor, a few sickly looking ravens perched atop the stones, clumsily fly off as the group passes. Entering the manor from the front, they are greeted by a high ceilinged, creaking room that smells damp with the tinge of mold from the air, wooden floors, walls, and furniture. Moldering trophies hang on the walls, but pale in comparison twelve-foot-long stuffed manticore in the center of the room. A few members of the group briefly hear what sounds like sobs coming from somewhere upstairs, and Eon momentarily catches a whiff of burning hair and flesh.

Heading up the winding stairs they come to a hall lined with doors to all the rooms of the floor. The first door opens to a small room with another flight of stairs to the ground floor. Continuing they come to a room with a child-sized bed, a chair, and toy box. While examining the room Spiff suddenly becomes convinced his parents are trying to kill each other and whoever survives is going to come after him next, next he sees his mother wielding a torch, and his father, covered in festering tumors with a knife, and then he snaps out of it, realizing that wasn’t his parents. Next the party enters a large room with padded chairs and a couch facing a large alcove lined with stained glass windows. From left to right they depict, a large pale and ghostly scorpion, a gaunt man holding out his arms as a dozen bats hand from him, a moth with a strange skull-like pattern on its wings, a tangle of dull green plants with bell shaped flowers, and a young maiden sitting astride a well while a spindly spider the size of a dog descends a string of web above her. Eon thinks the subjects depict classic necromantic spell components. Following the outer wall the next dooe reveals an entire bedroom caked with thick, spongy layer of dark green, blue and black mold. Inspecting the room Blue hears a child’s fearful voice ask “what’s on your face mommy?” and for a split second feels the need to claw at his face. The next door opens unto a washroom, with a iron tub causing the floor to sag slightly around it. They send Blue in to investigate and the floor gives out under the gnome’s additional weight. Blue swiftly jumps and grabs hold of the floor as the tub and the floor fall to the washroom below. The final, outer room of the hall is what appears to have once been a fine chamber. The bed is smashed, walls gouged, chairs hacked apart, and paintings torn to pieces, with the exception of one, which hangs backwards, otherwise untouched. Searching the room the group turns the painting around revealing a portrait of a beautiful dark haired woman in a thoughtful pose. Eon, Garret, and Rengar, hear a female voice say" what do you get up to down in the damp below" and suddenly are filled with rage and the desire beat a woman, with none around they let loose on them selves, Garret draws his bow and shoots himself in the foot, Rengar starts swing his double axe wildly in an attempt to kneecap him self, and Eon begins hitting himself in the face with his staff. Blue quickly tries to daze Garret with a arcane cantrip, but he brushes it off and the three continue to end there own lives. Blue then tries the same on Eon, who also brushes his spell aside, and they continue to harm themselves. After a few more seconds of beating themselves they all snap out of it. The next door reveals a stair ascending to the next level, but the group decides to finish exploring the second floor before heading up. Next they go beyond a set of double doors towards the center of the manor. Inside they find a room with dusty, cobweb covered paintings, covering the walls. clearing the cobwebs the paintings reveal, to the north the portraits reveal a tall, middle aged man with long dark hair and nobles clothes, a stern-faced brunette woman. The five to the south reveal portraits of Traver and Cyralie, their son Aldern, and two daughters Sendeli and Zeeva, all identified by plaques with there names. After the last of the portraits is cleaned off, the rooms temperature drops, causing the parties breath to frost and the figures in the portraits shift to those of dead folk. Kasandra and Lorey, the two to the north, slump into tumor-ridden corpses. Traver grows pale with a long slit in his throat with blood covering his chest. Cyralie blackens and chars. Aldern’s flesh darkens with rot, his hair falls out, and he turns into a ghoul like creature, and Sendeli and Seeva’s portraits frost over. Vorel’s portrait frame and all, erupts into a explosion of fungus and disease. Moments later everything reverts to normal and Blue starts growling, clawed hands outstretch, claiming " Aaargh, I’m a mold monster". The rest of the group gives him a look of “whatever” and moves to the final room of the floor. Entering the final room of the floor they find, a room, while dusty, doesn’t show signs of water or mold damage, the lone exception is a dark stain on the desk near the rooms window. Inspecting the desk, Blue is overwhelmed, believing he has just killed the person he loves most. Overwhelmed with despair, he moves to the desk, retrieving a silver-handled dagger to cut his own throat, only to look down, seeing a splintered piece of wood is his hand and wonder where it came from.

Meanwhile aided by the ability to transform himself into a bird, Dann has tracked the group to the farmlands, and now to Foxglove Manor. Reverting to human form he approaches the manor, passing a group of sickly, unnatural looking group of crows, that clumsily fly away as he passes, and enters the mansion.

Session 6

To Rest Or Not To Rest

While the party discusses resting Blue grows impatient and opens one of the remaining doors to the chamber and heads down the hall to another door. The group follows and they find an old prison chamber beyond the door. The jails cells all empty two other doors exit the chamber. Beyond the first door the group finds a small chamber with a workbench cluttered with tools and a ring of keys to the jail cells.

Chapel Of Lamashtu

Beyond the other door they come to a chapel illuminated by braziers emitting glowing red smoke, giving the chamber an unnerving crimson light that throws the bas-relief carvings of monsters feasting on fleeing humans into a lurid display. A black marble altar beside a ten-foot-tall statue depicting a pregnant but shapely naked woman, wielding kukri’s in taloned hands, with long reptilian tail, birdlike taloned feet, and the snarling head of a three-eyed jackal with a forked tongue. Of more importance is the pair of emaciated, hairless canines, later identified as yeth hounds. Spotting the party they advance and let out an unnatural howl, Eon is immediately striken with fear and runs away. Dann hits one with a dart that doesn’t leave a mark and his cat springs into action and loses it’s footing following a wild lunge. As the battle continues Spiff is tripped by one of the hounds. As Blue inspires the party with his bad humor Dann begins summoning a dog and spider. While fighting from the ground Spiff lands a well placed blow that doesn’t leave a wound but seems to distract the hound, Garret takes advantage and strikes with a well placed arrow. Striking with hands enchanted with flame Dann hits with a strike that surges with magical energy deafening a hound. As the battle continues Spiff tries to stand and is critically wounded and falls unconscious. Blue draws advances with wand in hand and unleashes a jolt of electricity dropping a hound. With his last bit of magical energy Dann heals some of his wounds while the last hound is defeated. With Eon’s fear subsided he returns and administers some potions of healing to Spiff. With the party nursing there wounds and resources spent they return to the large bed chamber they found and lock themselves in for some rest.

Seeing Double

Having rested and studied, the party retraces there path to the chapel and through the double doors to a four way corridor. Proceeding left they enter a small chamber. The walls of the room are covered with crude goblin art drawn in mud, blood, and paint. Continuing through a small corridor they enter a room with a large table and chairs, and a slate board with a map of Sandpoint on one wall. The writing on the map leads the group to conclude that the raid of Sandpoint was planned in this room.

With two more doors leading out of the war room the party heads straight across the room. Beyond the door they find a dark skinned woman studying some artifacts. Looking up and spotting the party she takes a defensive stance. Spiff cries out she is under arrest for the attacks on Sandpoint. Eon opens things up with a ray of magical heat. The dark-skinned woman casts a spell a four duplicates appear and start moving through each other making it difficult to make out the wizard, she then opens a secret door in the wall behind her. Spiff charges in recklessly throwing his sword off its mark. Dann quickly summons a giant ant behind the now opened door preventing her from escaping. The ant attacks striking down one of the images. Eon sends missiles of arcane energy to two targets which eliminates two more images. As the battle continues the dark-skinned wizard disappears with an invisibility spell. A ball of flame is summoned by Eon in her last known location. She reappears as she shoots jets of flame from her fingers engulfing Spiff as Blue quickly dodges. As Spiff responds taking out the final image Garret ends the battle with a well placed arrow through her cheek. Among her belongings are a few scrolls and a spellbook, Eon grabs the book for study and a wand of magic missiles.

Tentacles With A View

Having defeated the dark-skinned wizard the party decides to clear the current level before heading down the stairs beyond the secret door. Returning to the four way corridor, the go down the long hallway that ends at a door. On the other side of the door they come to a natural tunnel. Following the tunnel they come to an intersection and go left to a small cave. In the cave they find dozens of dead bodies, the bodies are literally skin and bones as if everything else has been drained. among the bodies they find a suit of enchanted hide armor and a masterwork shortbow.

Returning to the intersection in the tunnel they take the other path and it leads to another cave with a strangely polished floor with a thick curtain of vines hanging down over a wide opening overlooking the Varisian Gulf. Eon decides to take a look at the view and spots the tentacles moving just before they attack. As a tentacle hits Eon he is overcome with nausea and feels as if some of his lifeforce is drained. The group quickly engages. With Blue telling bad jokes, Spiff charges in, Garret fires, Dann and the cat move in, and Eon withdraws. As the battle continues the creature hits Dann’s cat and constricts it. Unable to break free the cat falls limp as the creature constricts again, and then drops the cat and grapples Dann. With Dann struggling Spiff puts the strange creature down.


After completing the level the party decends the stairs beyond the secret door and come to a small pillared room with alcoves to either side that contain damaged statues of a robed man clutching a book and glaive. The chamber has a strange slope rising to the other side with the statues leaning in the alcoves. Beyond the chamber is a hall with a pair of statues to either side depicting men wielding glaives, a pair of doors and another alcove with a damaged statue. Spiff leads the way, hearing a click from a pressure plate as he steps between the statues and jumps forward just clearing the portcullises as the drop with loud clang, seconds later the statues begin slashing at the air in the space he just vacated. Moments later the floor opens up into a pit, before resetting itself. Garret steps up and examines the floor, pulling out his tool kit he pounds a wedge under the pressure plate so it doesn’t depress as the group crosses it.

Choosing the door on the left they enter a circular room with ledges of red marble running along the walls of the room. Opposite the door is a fountain of blue frothy water, the room is lit by burning skulls, but more importantly they spot the rooms occupant. A beautiful, silver haired, shapely, female Aasimar, with a demonic left arm that ends in a taloned hand. Armed with a bastard sword and wearing breastplate with a bare midriff revealing scars across her belly. She immediately attacks, Dann moves in and Spiff detects her evil aura and calls on the power of his deity to smite the creature. Blue starts off with an enchanted joke that she doesn’t seem to understand. Garret steps in and calls on his new arcane powers and calls forth a misty vapor making it difficult to see and Eon calls forth a ball of flame on her. The Aasimar steps forward and strikes Dann with a mighty blow dropping him to the ground. While telling jokes of questionable humor to inspire his companions he calls forth a spell of healing to help Dann. Dann tries to crawl away leaving a opening she takes another mighty swing and Dann begins bleeding out. Eon lets loose with missiles of arcane energy that unerringly hit there target. As the battle continues Spiff stays engaged in melee while Garret fires arrows from the concealing mist of vapor. She moves out of the ball of flame and strikes Spiff with a mighty swing while Blue administers a more potent potion of healing to Dann. With her focus on Spiff Dann calls forth a dog that attacks, it’s starting to become difficult to maneuver. Spiff gets struck by another mighty blow and Blue steps in with some spells of magical healing as Spiff’s wounds are starting to add up. Thinking he is clear Dann tries to stand and is dispatched with a mighty blow that leaves him once again in a pool of his own blood. With her exit blocked she calls on divine magic and Spiff and Garret are unable to bring themselves to attack. Eon begins to wonder out loud if staying and fighting is a good idea. With Eon blocking her exit she steps forward and stumbles missing Eon with a mighty swing breaking the enchantment preventing Garret and Spiff from attacking. Garret’s misty vapor is beginning to also hinder the party as Spiff misses again and Blue is unable to connect with his wand of shocking grasp. Eon begins retreating from room and the woman with the demon hand follows. Garret attempts another shot while blocking her exit before he falls to one of her mighty swings. As she follows Eon down the hall she spots the wedge Garret drove in the pressure plate and knocks it out as she passes dropping the portcullises to delay the party pursuit. While laying in his own blood Garret stops bleeding becoming stable.
as the group treats their wounds enough for travel Eon returns. With some of his wounds heals Garret Disables the pressure plate again and the group returns to Sandpoint.

Return to Thistletop

After a few days of rest, healing and re-suppling the group decides to return to Thistletop. Back at Thistletop they return to where Nualia escaped. Heading through the other door they find a L-shaped room with a set of double doors at one end, the other end narrows to frame a strange circular pillar carved into what appears to be an immense stack of gold coins that rises from floor to ceiling, upon examination they find a small coin sized slot. The group decides to place a gold coin in the slot and it vanishes before the pillar noisily grinds down into the floor revealing a T-shaped chamber with three sets of double doors.

In typical fashion they start on the left. Beyond the doors the party finds a dias with a marble throne flanked by statues of a man clutching a book and glaive. Upon the throne is a ghostly image of the man depicted by the statues, he seems to be speaking to an audience and keeps repeating a short message in a strange language. Eon identifies the language as Thassilonian and translates, “…is upon us, but I command you remain. Witness my power, how Alaznist’s petty wrath is but a flash compared to my strength. Take my final work to your graves, and let its memory be the last thing you…”

Continuing through the next set of doors, they find a small room with three tables, their tops covered with strange tools. The room also has a strange collection of bones near one of the tables, to many bones to be from one body but not enough to be from two. Upon examination the skeleton seems to be from a two headed man with a partial skeleton of a smaller man growing out of the small of its back. on one table they find a seven pointed star made of gold and silver; one surface studded with nodules and blades, with the other side featuring a curved blade. The group takes the strange device and all the tools found through out the room.


Coming to the final set of doors in the chamber, the group finds a set of doors made of stone with no handles and a indented seven-pointed star with hollows and slits where the handles would be. They grab the star with the curved handle they found in previous chamber and find it fits perfectly and with a turn the doors open. Inside the chamber is lit by a ten foot long pit of flickering fire with the smell of burning hair. In the two corners nearest the doors are wooden risers each holding several dozen golden candles that are burning without melting. Blue moves in to investigate the candles and is attacked by a large cat that appears out of no where and starts blinking in and out of existence. As the group jumps into action the giant cat, identified as a greater barghest lets out a roar and then unleashes a spell like ability and Eon, Blue, and Dann’s cat are overcome with great sadness. Garret begins a barrage of arrows but can’t seem to time the impact with when it’s on this plane. Dann orders his cat to attack. Spiff wades in and with the barghest blinking continues to struggle with landing a meaningful blow. The barghest lands a severe blow hamstring Spiff slowing his movement. Eon connects with missiles of arcane energy. Dann calls forth the power of flaming touch to his companion which wades in with paws of fire. Just before landing another crushing blow on Spiff the barghest blinks out giving Spiff the opportunity to call on his deities power to help smite the vile creature and finally lands a devastating blow before Eon puts it down with a ray of intense heat. Searching the rest of the room they find two hidden alcoves in the wall opposite the doors, within them they find a ring that calls forth a shieldlike pane of force.


Returning to the L-shaped room the party opens the remaining set of double doors, revealing a domed chamber supported by pillars with several dark alcoves containing standing sarcophagi. In an alcove in the far wall a statue of a stern looking man wielding a glaive and holding a book. As they move through the room vaguely humanoid outlines of shadow writhe forth from the walls. Touching Spiff he feels cold as his strength is sapped. Eon recalling incorporeal creatures susceptibility to force magic begins launching missiles of arcane energy from his wand. Garret fires volleys of arrows that just pass through their forms. Spiff wielding an enchanted blade seems to be inflicting harm on the forms sometime. Eon destroys one of the forms as Spiff again calls forth his deities power to destroy another as his strength continues to weaken from the creatures touch. Having seen his arrows are just passing through there form he calls forth his new found power and conjures a dart of acid that destroys the final shadowy form.


With resources running low and Spiff’s strength drained they carry on beyond the room to where the hall splits. Both halls they quickly discover meet at the same chamber so they split up. In the chamber the sound of sloshing water fills the room, which has almost entirely collapsed into a large tide pool. What walls remain bear carvings of incredible treasuries and one depicts a towering mountain, its peak carved in the shape of a stern face above a great palace. Below, the side of the mountain’s valley cradles a immense city of spires. In the water is the glitter of precious coins and rusted armor and weapons. Most impressive is a large coral-encrusted helmet the looks nearly five feet wide. After a few seconds the helm starts to move revealing the giant crab that makes it home. Spiff charges into the water in his weakened state, Garret Fires some arrows while Blue inspires the group with his bad humor. Dann’s cat wades in and misses badly while clumsily tearing a muscle impeding his movement. Eon makes use again of the wand of missiles. After a short battle the cat finishes the crab. Among the stash of submerged coins and gems they find a amulet that toughens the wearer’s skin. The group decides to take the giant crown. Having completed the final level of Thistletop they return to the Rusty Dragon in Sandpoint with the giant crab. They give the crab to Ameiko who prepares it for a feast. The group they decides to take some down time for rest, research, reflection, and restocking of supplies.

Session 5


Having rested and reunited with Rengar, the group heads back to Thistletop, hopefully before the goblins notice they’ve been there and bring in reinforcements. After reaching the tunnels they quickly navigate them to the bridge as no reinforcements have been posted. Starting across the bridge, one side gives out tipping to the side and deopsiting Rengar in the oceon eighty feet below. Afterwards they tie a few ropes together for Rengar to climb out, while Garret manuevers over and repairs the bridge.

Entering the goblin stockade it’s noticibly quiet. they enter into a large room with a number of preserved horse and dog heads mounted on the walls. Also on the wall is a large black feathered wing stuck to the wall with daggers, the group notices one of the daggers has a pearl handle and relieves the tribe of it. With six doord heading out of the hall they decide to proceed through the double doors to the left. They lead to small hall with another set of double doors. Beyond the doors is a set of stairs leading to a trap door in the ceiling and another set of doors to the right. Taking the stairs to the trap door it leads to a watch tower with a pair of sleeping goblins, they stealth in a quietly deliver coup de grace’s to the goblins. Heading back down and through the next set of doors they encounter a group of goblin dogs they quickly dispatch with Rengar along.

Searching the yard, on the far side they fide a pair of dead goblins along a door that is nailed shut, with boards then nailed over the door. Taking a few minutes Garret removes all the boards and nails. Opening the doors they find a wounded and starved heavy warhorse ready to bust out. Dann steps in and tries to soothe the horse but doesn’t seem to be able to get through to the horse.Spiff heals the horse with lay on hands and Blue offers up some food while speaking with “Shadowmist” through magic. After giving Shadowmist some food they continue on with Spiff deciding he will come back to free horse when they leave.

Warchief Ripnugget

After coming across some food stores and general store rooms, the party enters what must be a throne room. The room is covered in animal furs and pelts with a ceiling supported by 4 timber pillars. As they enter three goblins are reenacting the raid on Sandpoint with an illusion while what can only be chief Ripnugget watching from his throne. Spiff steps forward proclaiming they are under arrest for the attack on Sandpoint and demanding their surrender. With a Eon begins things hitting Ripnugget with a ray of intense heat. A goblin warchanter tries to get Rengar with bad goblin humor but he doesn’t seem to understand. As the battle intensifies, Dann’s cat springs in striking a devastating blow to a goblin as his claws strikes deep causing the goblin to begin drowning in its own blood. Rengar charges in attacking the goblin engaged with Spiff with a wild swing, missing badly and getting his double axe stuck firmly in one of the rooms support pillars. Eon causes a large amount of grease to appear on the floor but Ripnegget’s gecko mount begins climbing the wall. Ripnugget begins a series of charges at Spiff, while Rengar unable to free his axe switches to a hand axe. As the battle rages on Spiff begins chanting his own song as he calls upon the power of his diety to smite Ripnugget. With his hatred of goblins Blue moves in and strikes a goblin down with his morning star. With Spiff putting Ripnugget down, they party quickly cleans up the reinforcements that arrive late.

Continuing through the keep they come to a barracks with a half dozen sleeping goblins, as Garret and Blue ready to sneak in at kill the goblins in their sleep, Spiff shouts out “You are all under arrest for the crimes on Sandpoint” waking the goblins. A short battle ensues with the party quickly dispatching the goblins.

Below Thistletop

Clearing out the stockade they decend down a set of stairs to a large chamber containing multiple doors. Heading forward from the door the enter a hall with five doors. Systematicly the go through the doors finding bedchambers. After tossing four empty bedchambers they enter the fifth and find a armed warrior resting. He immediatly attacks, hitting with a mighty swing that leaves his defenses lowered. Blue steps in a tells an enchanted joke. The warrior begins laughing hysterically, and the group quickly dispatches him. Spiff claims his enchanted banded mail and masterfully crafted heavy shield.

Returning to the entry hall they enter the next chamber and find a large bugbear with four goblin females. Eon misfire a ray of cold energy that turns on himself. Rengar and Spiff engage the bugbear while Garret fires a volley of arrows. Enraged at the sight of elves the bugbear drops back dropping his flail while drawing his bow, he takes careful aim and delivers a shot that staggers Garret. Garret staggers to cover around the corner while Eon backs up the stairs. Yelling out for the elves to face him the rest of the group dispatches the goblins. With Spiff and Rengar advancing the bugbear drops his bow and picks up his flail. With Dann giving Spiff some guidance they put the bugbear down. After healing up with some potions Garret claims three elf bane arrows the bugbear had in its possesion. They begin debating whether they need to rest or not.

Session 4

Goblin Hunting

After a nights rest, the group decides to head to Thistletop to hunt the goblins mentioned in Tsuto’s journal. Handout 1-2 Only a few hours by foot they decide to leave the horses in Sandpoint. Dann takes point and leads them through the tangles of the Nettlewood. Along the way he narrowly keeps Spiff from wondering into a goblinberry patch. After a few hours traveling through the Nettlewood, the briars and thistles grow to heights of twenty feet. With the sound of waves crashing on the nearby shore they know they’re close. Searching around Dann finds a hidden door built into the briars. beyond the door, tunnels with a height of four feet leads inward toward the sound of the ocean, it’s going to be cramped for everyone but Blue and the cat.

Inside the thistle tunnels they quickly branch off in three directions, the party heads left. Following the tunnel for a short distance they find a series of doors that leads to an observation post overlooking a cliffface. Returning the way they came they take the center tunnel. Following the tunnel they come to a fork and take the left, it leads to another watch post but before the group can investigate a small opening to the left leads to a small chamber were a large group of goblins are holed up. Blue unhampered by the cramped quarters rushes in and quickly engages the goblins with humor. The rest of the group follows as quickly as they can. Dann uses his druidic abilities to move through the underbrush with ease. Spiff begins to drop goblins as he gets in the room, Garret and Eon begin taking some out at range, and Blue begins sating his hatred of goblins with his morning star. Just as Eon takes aim on the final goblin Spiff steps in and catches a ray of cold energy intended for the goblin. Finishing the goblins they investigate the watch post and see a outpost on a cliff faced island out from their location of towards the right they spot a wooden bridge, now they head back into the tunnels and try to make ther way to the bridge.

Following the tunnels futher in the come to were the tunnel widens and has a hole in the ground that opens into a sea cave feet some seventy below. The occasional howling sound echoes from below. Inspecting the ground Dann spots multiple sets of tracks accompanied by drag marks to the hole, looks like the goblins have thrown someone or something down hole.

Continuing down the tunnel the group comes to what appears to be a kennel of sorts, twelve posts with chains occupy the chamber, but more pressing is the four goblin dogs that immediately attack. Dann cuts through the underbrush and engaes the first dog, with his cat following with the rest of the group. Spiff and Blue wade in while Garret and Eon attack from range. They quickly dispatch the Goblin dogs and continue their journey through the cramped tunnels.

As the tunnel comes to another fork, the group decides to follow the left tunnel, when Dann’s cat begins to growl, with it’s hair raised at something unseen down thr right tunnel. Cautiously following the right tunnel they encounter a goblin with a blade of fire sprouting from it’s hand with a fire-pelt cougar for a companion. Dann’s cat attacks, while Eon unleashes missiles of magical energy. The goblins calls to the tunnels and all the vines and shrubbery begins to grow and wrap around the group. Already hampered by cramped quarters the entangling vines starts to prove to be dificult. Blue unleashes an enchanted joke but the goblin doesn’t seem to understand it. Garret start loosing arrows while struggling to free himself of the vines. Spiff breaks free and advances while Eon moves ahead out of the entangling vines reach. The goblin hurls some flames from its hands at the group and then engages Eon with his blade of flame. With the goblin cornering Eon, Spiff breaks free and finishes the goblin’s cat before rushing to Eon’s aid. With the tide of the battle turning, it’s companion dead, the goblin begs for mercy, which the group doesn’t grant. Going through it’s gear the group finds a wand of produce flame, wand of tree shape, cloak of resistance, and a small sized leather armor +1.

Returning to the other tunnel, it leads to another watch post, further down the tunnel begins to get brighter as it exits overlooking a cliff face with a wooden rope bridge that leads to a island with a stockade. Wounded and out of resources the party decides to return to Sandpoint to rest and return in the morning.

Session 3

Below The Glassworks

The group begins gathered in the common room of the Rusty Dragon for breakfast after a evening of rest. As they’re eating Rengar return’s with with a trophy buck for a later feast. They decide to head back to the Glassworks and explore the tunnel underneath it. They decide to start exploring beyond the recently torn down wall. Shortly after starting down the tunnel they are attacked by a strange looking creature they later identified as a sinspawn. Garret and Blue are bitten and show signs of sickness, after a short battle Eon puts it down with a ray of frost.

The tunnel eventually leads to a room of worked stone with a door. Beyond the door a corridor leads into a dungeon. Following the hall they come to a room with a red marble statue of a beautiful but enraged human female. In the left hand is carved a large book with a seven-pointed star. In its right hand it holds a ranseur made of metal and ivory. Blue works the ranseur loose and gives it to Garret.

Continuing on they come to an ancient prison, a wooden platform leads into the room with stairs heading down to the prison level of the chamber. The cells all hold skeletal remains. Heading down to investigate they are ambushed by a couple of sinspawns hanging from the rafters of the platform. With some teamwork the quickly dispatch the sinspawns.

Following a corridor on the other side of the platform the come to what appears to have been a torture chamber. The chamber has two other doors leading out of the room. The groups first choice leads to a room with the remains of a large table and a few chairs. Among the rubble are the fragmented remains of many books and scrolls, the pcs find a scroll of flaming sphere which Eon takes. The wall of the room opposite where they entered has three doors each bearing a symbol that looks like a seven-pointed star. Behind each of the doors is a cell with the deformed skeletal remains of a humanoid.

Beyond the other door of the previous chamber a set of stairs decends to a large chamber with a vaulted ceiling and eleven wooden lids built into the floor. More pressing though is the three armed goblin equipped with a human sized longsword. Spiff charges in and engages the goblin while Garret fires an arrow that hits the mark. Then the goblin pulls the aat Blue takes.rrow out and its wound partially heals up. Ignoring Spiff it moves over to the rest of the party and spits up a stream of foul smelling, burning blood, Nauseating everyone but Rengar and Spiff. With most of the group nauseated Spiff calls on his diety to smite the evil that is the deformed goblin, as the rest of the group comes around the finish the goblin, and Spiff takes the enchanted longsword.After dispatching the goblin they lift a lid in the floor and find they all are 20 foot pits with zombies at the bottom, They destroy the zombies with ease.

Past the goblin room a corridor leads to a blocked stairs leading up that has collapsed, and a strange spherical room. In the room floating and spinning is a ragged book, a scroll, a bottle of wine, dead raven surrounded by maggots, and a wand. Fearing something might happen if they enter they use a mage hand to retrieve the items in the room, among them a scroll of burning hands that Eon takes and a wand of shocking grasp that Blue takes.

Retracing there steps thay return to a branch near where they entered and come upon a shrine with an altar made of a block of black marble. Upon which is a small basin filled with foul water. Unable to determine what enchantment is on the water the group leaves it and moves on to the double doors at the end of the chamber.

Entering the doors they come to a cathedral contaning a large pool with a ring of polished skulls balanced on stone spikes, beyond the pool is a pair of stairs that leads to a pulpit with a second pool of bubbling water. A quasit spots the group and yells something about the group “daring to intrude upon the Mother’s sanctum” and slashes her wrist letting some of the blood drip into the pool, and a sinspawn rises. The pcs charge in with the quasit casts a spell, Spiff momentarily feels his muscles tense and freeze before he shrugs it off. As the group takes down the sinspawn the quassit takes to the air hits Rengar with a ray draing his strength. The group turns there attention to the little demon but are having trouble inflicting any harm on it. Having trouble getting to the quasit Spiff draws his crossbow and fires with precision sticking it to the wall. With the little demon stuck to the wall, Spiff, Rengar, and Garret taking turns trying to hit the little bugger with ranseurs.having run out of spells and unable to free it self from the wall the demon begins throwing a dagger at the party that keeps returning after missing or inflicting damage. Dann’s feline friend starts jumping try to reach the quasit while dann starts boosting the groups health. Meanwhile Eon begins opening the other doors in the room to try and find something to stand on. Finding the side rooms empty he heads back to the alter outside the room. After this continues for what seems an eternity, Rengar’s strength returns and he’s able to destroy the quasit. They claim the tiny cold iron returning dagger the quasit was throwing at them.

Exhausted and out of resources the party returns to the Rusty Dragon for some rest. after resting up they return to explore the last corridor. Atop some stars they come to door with a small chamber beyond it. a vargouille flies from the shadows and screeches, paralyzing Garret, Blue, Eon, and the tiger. Rengar charges forward cutting it in two quickly. Past the small chamber they find a set of stairs that once ascended but has since collapsed. Having finished exploring the dungeon they return to the Rusty Dragon to decide what to do next.

Session 2

Trouble at the Rusty Dragon

After the hunt the party (minus Rengar, who decided he needed to get a trophy himself) returned to the Rusty Dragon. Aldern gave the boar to Ameiko to prepare for a feast. While relaxing and enjoying some beverages in the common room, a eldery Tian man slams the inns door open and yells out in a language none of the pcs understands. After a few more outbursts he notices the party and speaking in the common tongue accuses them of endangering the townsfolk with there ill-advised antics against the goblins, and that they should leave the defense of Sandpoint to “trained professionals”, and " just what we need, a filthy band of vagrants to attract even more trouble to town". Before he can continue, Ameiko comes from the back to see what the commotion is and begins arguing in a strange language with the elderly man. A local would explain the man is Lonjiku Kaijitsu, Ameiko’s father. As it begins to escalate Spiff and Blue step in to try and diffuse the situation, Lonjiku reaches for Ameiko’s hair and she dodges and hits him in the forehead with a ladle, covering him with soup and potatoes. He replies with a comment that appears to really sting Ameiko and storms out. After picking up the ladle and pulling a hair from it she replies " I’ll need a new ladle since jackass stew’s not on the menu" drawing a cheer from the tavern’s patrons, she extends the pc’s free rooms for a week.

Monster in the Closet

After their meal the pc’s are approached by a woman with her 2 children. She explains, (through teary eyes) that they were at the Swallowtail Festival where her oldest son Aeren saw a goblin light a cat on fire and dance around the body. He hasn’t been the same since. Every night his screams start the dog into fits of barking, and when her husband Alergast checked on him he would claim there was a goblin in the closet, but which Alergast could never find. This has gone on every night since festival. Yesterday Alergast said he would make Aeren sleep in the woodshed if he didn’t “man up” and make it through the night without crying. Last night Alergast ignored him when he started screaming, but a few moments later when the dog yelprd out in pain and Aeren’s screams intensified, Alergast ran into his room and found a goblin on Aeren’s chest, the dog dead, a knife stuck in it’s ear. He attacked the goblin chasing it back into closet. She fled with the children to seek help and asks that the pc’s could check it out. The party heads to there home and finds Alergast laying in closet, when they pull him out they find he’s quite dead, the flesh on his face and upper torso eaten away. A goblin jumps up after it’s meal and attacks. The party quickly dispatches the lone goblin. While searching the hole under the closet, Sheriff Hemlock arrives and thanks the pc’s for there help.

Goblin Hunt

After the latest goblin attack in town the group decides to search for possible lair, the decide to begin at Junk Beach, on the way they decide to swing by Gorvi’s shack(the local dungsweeper)He wasn’t home and talk among locals suggests he’s out drinking. After they head down to beach and start searching for caves or hidden entrance somewhere. Finding nothing yhey decide to check out “The Old Light” and stop and visit local expert on it, sage Brodert Quink, they learn his theories are that “the old light” was once a war machine of ancient Thassilon that was capable of spewing fire more than a mile. He also offers to purchase any Thassilonian artifacts the group might find in there travels. After coming up empty handed again they decide to head back to the Rusty Dragon and wait for trouble to find them.

News From Mosswood

The next day Sheriff Hemlock finds the party and asks them to join him and Mayor Devlin at the town hall for a meeting. Arriving at the meeting they are introduced to Shalelu Andosana, who is “an unofficial member of Sandpoint’s town guard” Shalelu goes on to explain how the five area goblin tribes are working together and goblin tribes don’t work together unless something big is planned, and big plans mean bigger bosses. She mentions the five tribes.

  • Birdcruncger Goblins, who live in caves along the western edge of the Devil’s Platter
  • Licktoad Goblins, of the Brinestump Marsh, who are excellant swimmers
  • Seven Tooth Goblins, from Shank’s Wood, who’ve made a name for themselves by raiding Junk Beach and rebuilding junk into armor and weapons
  • Mosswood Goblins, largest tribe but traditionally held back by fueding families within ranks
  • Thistletop Goblins, live on the Nettlewood coast on a small island that resembles a decapitated head

She goes on to note that goblins don’t live long, and that it’s unusual for a goblin to gain any notoriety, but when it does it’s well earned. There are currently 6 goblins in the region who are “heroes” among there kind.

  • Big Gugmut, an unusually muscular and tall goblin from Mosswood. It’s said his mother was a hobgoblin and his father a wild boar
  • Kouvus, a champion of the Seven Tooth tribe, well known for his short temper and his prized possession," a magic longsword sized for a human". He vanished several months ago after he discovered a “secret hideout”
  • Vorka, a notorious goblin cannibal who lives in the Brinestump Marsh
  • Rendwattle Gutwad, the obese chieftan of the Brinestump Goblins, a corpulent monster who, it is sais, never leaves his throne
  • Ripnugget, the leader of the Thistletop Goblins and controls what is considered the best lair of the 5 tribes
  • Bruthazmas, a bugbear ranger who lives in northern Nettlewood and often visits the five tribes to trade things he’s stolen from caravan for alcohol or news. He has a particular hatred of elves, and has fought Shalelu on several occasions.

After the meeting Sheriff Hemlock informs the party he’s taking a few guards south to Magnimar to see about getting extra guards to station at Sandpoint for a few weeks. He asks Shalelu to sniff around the goblin tribes to she if she can find out any new info. He also asks the pc’s to maintain a public presence while he’s gone as “the locals have taken to them”

Where’s Ameiko

The following day after the sheriff has left town the group is found by Bethana Corwin, a halfling maid who works at the Rusty Dragon. When she woke that morning for the first time she can remember Ameiko hadn’t started breakfast. She knocked on Ameiko’s door and when no one answered she entered to find the room empty and the bed unslept in. She also found a crumpled up piece of parchment, Handout 1-1 which she translates and gives to the party. She goes on to explain that Tsuto was born a year before Ameiko and was something of a scandel since he’s a half elf, she points out that neither of Ameiko’s parents are elves. Tsuto was sent to the Turandarok Academy to be raised outside the family, ignored by his father and forbidden visits from his mother. Ameiko started visiting once she learned of him a couple times a month to keep him company and bring him food. That all changed when they had an arguement in which he struck Ameiko, whatever the arguement was about she left Sandpoint for a year. She returned to attend her mother’s funeral. There was a confrontation between Tsuto and there father at the funeral, her father broke Tsuto’s jaw and he left Sandpoint. Ameiko has tried to find Tsuto but was never able to track him down. Bethana’s worried Tsuto"s up to no good, and with the sheriff gone, she didn’t know who else to turn to, so she asks the group to go to the Glassworks and investigate.

The Glassworks

The party heads to the Glassworks and finds it closed. Garret breaks out his tools and quickly unlocks the doors, while a few locals inquire as to why “the heroes of Sandpoint” are breaking in. The quickly respond official business. They enter the display room and move to the back of building. After passing a few storerooms, they find a dining hall that is a wreck, looking as though someone tossed it. Off the dining room they find the servant’s quarters, blood spattered all over the walls and beds. Continuing further they come upon the kitchen which also appears ransacked, next to which is a pantry that has been demolished and all the food taken. After passing through a few more store rooms they come to a room with a safe in the floor that is open. Beyond one of the doors is a flight of stairs going down, the party decides to clear out the level before decending. Passing through the double doors they come to room with a disturbing sight, the furnace room, propped up in a chair in the center alcove, encased in thick, runny sheets of glass is Lonjiku’s body, further into the room are the remains of eight servants in various stages of dismemberment, with melted glass poured over the body parts, but what really stands out are the large group of goblins. They quickly engage the goblins and a bottleneck is formed where the groups meet. Spiff begins to slay goblins with ease while Dann strugles to get his tiger to join the fight until it’s burned by a goblin with a hot poker. Blue unleashes some of his comedy and Eon starts off with some magic missiles, Garret opens fire but has issues with the battle being one large melee. As the goblins continue to fall Eon drops, an arrow sticking in his back. Tsuto snuck up from below. As Tsuto deflects an arrow from Garret Blue retreats to Eon without concern for his own safety and brings him back from dea ths door. As the goblin numbers dwindle Spiff calls on his diety to smite Tsuto’s evil, with a quick daze from Eon he quickly dispatches Tsuto. They find a potion,ring of protection, mwk thieve’s tools, mwk flute, pouches of gold and silver dust, coin, and a journal Handout 1-2. The journal has some insight into who is behind the attacks on Sandpoint and the group concludes it was the previously thought deceased daughter of the dead high priest of Sandpoint. Decending down to the lower level they find Ameiko unconsious, bound and gagged,Dann heals her then they free her and inform her of her fathers demise. She rewards them for her rescue with free room and board at the Rusty Dragon as long as they live. They also find a tunnel that branches off in multiple directions, one way ends at a secret door in a cave off the Varisian Gulf, while another ends in a once bricked up wall that has been recently razed. The group decides to escort Ameiko back to the Rusty Dragon and return after resting.

Session 1

The Swallowtail Festival

The Swallowtail Festival started promptly on time, on the Autumnal Equinox. The square quickly became crowded with locals and travelers alike, along with several tents of food, local crafts and souveniers. The festival is opened with speeches from Mayor Deverin, Sheriff Hemlock, Cyrdak Drokkus, and Father Zantus. The festival has numerous games and contests, sack races, hide and seek, weight-lifting challenges, tug of war. Sir Spiff and Rengar meet at the weight-lifting challenge where Rengar defeats “the puny human”. At noon Father Zantus recounts a parable of how Desna fell to earth and was nursed back to earth by a blind child whom she transformed into a immortal butterfly before the father releases storm of swallowtail butterflies. All of Sandpoint’s taverns have set up offering free lunch, the group samples a a varity, The White Deer’s peppercorn venison, Hagfish’s lobster chowder, and The Rusty Dragon’s curry spiced salmon and early winterdrop mead. Finally as the sun sets Father Zantus takes the stage for the consecration of the new temple and uses a thunderstone to get everyone’s attention.


As Father Zantus clears his throat, screams can be heard from all over the festival, a dog yelps and falls dead and then they see them, goblins. The party takes up arms with Rengar engaged with 4 quickly, Sir Spiff and Garret nearest, Blue, Dann, and Eon move to assist from the other side of the town square. After dispensing with the goblins and healing Rengar, the chaos ensues. Goblins racing everywhere, and a cart full of fuel and wood for the bonfire on the other side of square goes up in flames and more goblins are spotted, this time with a warchanter. The group rushes in taking care of the goblins, but Rengar falls victom to the warchanter’s hideous laughter and spends the fight laughing at poor goblin humor.After some assistance from Father Zantus a scream is heard off towards the north, the group arrives just in time to see a goblin commando kill Aldern Foxglove’s dog. The party quickly dispatches the goblins but Rengar is dropped in the process, but is revived with quick thinking from Eon with a potion found earlier. Aldern informs the group he is staying at the Rusty Dragon for a few more days and invites the group to stop so he can reward them.

Bonding With Hagfish

After dealing with the goblins and the people of Sandpoint retreating to there homes or taverns to recover from the days horrors, the group decides to head to the Hagfish. Upon arriving all but Dann decides to bond over the hagfish contest. For 1 sp a patron may attemt to drink a tankard of the thick and horrifically slimy and foul tasting water. Blue begins the contest and holds down the water winning 280 sp. Eon, Spiff, and Garret each attemt to hold down a tankard and fail. Finally while Blue is carving his name in the ceiling beam with the previous winners names Rengar holds a tankard down winning the 4 sp the party placed in the pouch. Leaving the Hagfish they meet Ameiko Kaijitsu who offers the group free rooms at the Rusty Dragon for a week for there actions defeating the goblins.

The Desecrated Vault

The following day Sheriff Hemlock finds the party to thank them again and ask for help investigating a crypt that was found open in the Sandpoint Boneyard. Upon Sir Spiff opening the crypt door they are attacked by skeltons. After defeating the skeletons the find a used up robe of bones and the sarcophagus that contained Father Ezakien has been opened and the remains stolen. Rengar finds tracks from goblins and a lone humanoid outside the crypt that leads to the boneyard wall. They follow the tracks for a few miles until they are lost.

Boar Hunt

After losing the goblins tracks the group heads back to The Rusty Dragon to meet Aldern Foxglove. On the way to the Rusty Dragon Sir Spiff is apprached by Shayliss Vinder to help her rid the general store’s basement of rats, Spiff heads off with Shayliss while Garret follows. Upon reaching the rat free basement with a cot set up in the back she begins to seduce Spiff. Just before things get to intense her father Ven Vinder appears downstairs and catches the 2 together, Spiff talks his way out of a fight with an angry father. Back at The Rusty Dragon Aldern gives the pcs 60 gp and asks them to join him on a boar hunt. With the party agreeing he buys everyone a riding horse, except Garret who already owns a warhorse, and they head out to the Tickwood Forest. Spiff delivers the killing blow to the boar and Aldern invites everybody back to The Rusty Dragon for a feast.
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