Tanthalyn's Rise of the Runelords

Session 5


Having rested and reunited with Rengar, the group heads back to Thistletop, hopefully before the goblins notice they’ve been there and bring in reinforcements. After reaching the tunnels they quickly navigate them to the bridge as no reinforcements have been posted. Starting across the bridge, one side gives out tipping to the side and deopsiting Rengar in the oceon eighty feet below. Afterwards they tie a few ropes together for Rengar to climb out, while Garret manuevers over and repairs the bridge.

Entering the goblin stockade it’s noticibly quiet. they enter into a large room with a number of preserved horse and dog heads mounted on the walls. Also on the wall is a large black feathered wing stuck to the wall with daggers, the group notices one of the daggers has a pearl handle and relieves the tribe of it. With six doord heading out of the hall they decide to proceed through the double doors to the left. They lead to small hall with another set of double doors. Beyond the doors is a set of stairs leading to a trap door in the ceiling and another set of doors to the right. Taking the stairs to the trap door it leads to a watch tower with a pair of sleeping goblins, they stealth in a quietly deliver coup de grace’s to the goblins. Heading back down and through the next set of doors they encounter a group of goblin dogs they quickly dispatch with Rengar along.

Searching the yard, on the far side they fide a pair of dead goblins along a door that is nailed shut, with boards then nailed over the door. Taking a few minutes Garret removes all the boards and nails. Opening the doors they find a wounded and starved heavy warhorse ready to bust out. Dann steps in and tries to soothe the horse but doesn’t seem to be able to get through to the horse.Spiff heals the horse with lay on hands and Blue offers up some food while speaking with “Shadowmist” through magic. After giving Shadowmist some food they continue on with Spiff deciding he will come back to free horse when they leave.

Warchief Ripnugget

After coming across some food stores and general store rooms, the party enters what must be a throne room. The room is covered in animal furs and pelts with a ceiling supported by 4 timber pillars. As they enter three goblins are reenacting the raid on Sandpoint with an illusion while what can only be chief Ripnugget watching from his throne. Spiff steps forward proclaiming they are under arrest for the attack on Sandpoint and demanding their surrender. With a Eon begins things hitting Ripnugget with a ray of intense heat. A goblin warchanter tries to get Rengar with bad goblin humor but he doesn’t seem to understand. As the battle intensifies, Dann’s cat springs in striking a devastating blow to a goblin as his claws strikes deep causing the goblin to begin drowning in its own blood. Rengar charges in attacking the goblin engaged with Spiff with a wild swing, missing badly and getting his double axe stuck firmly in one of the rooms support pillars. Eon causes a large amount of grease to appear on the floor but Ripnegget’s gecko mount begins climbing the wall. Ripnugget begins a series of charges at Spiff, while Rengar unable to free his axe switches to a hand axe. As the battle rages on Spiff begins chanting his own song as he calls upon the power of his diety to smite Ripnugget. With his hatred of goblins Blue moves in and strikes a goblin down with his morning star. With Spiff putting Ripnugget down, they party quickly cleans up the reinforcements that arrive late.

Continuing through the keep they come to a barracks with a half dozen sleeping goblins, as Garret and Blue ready to sneak in at kill the goblins in their sleep, Spiff shouts out “You are all under arrest for the crimes on Sandpoint” waking the goblins. A short battle ensues with the party quickly dispatching the goblins.

Below Thistletop

Clearing out the stockade they decend down a set of stairs to a large chamber containing multiple doors. Heading forward from the door the enter a hall with five doors. Systematicly the go through the doors finding bedchambers. After tossing four empty bedchambers they enter the fifth and find a armed warrior resting. He immediatly attacks, hitting with a mighty swing that leaves his defenses lowered. Blue steps in a tells an enchanted joke. The warrior begins laughing hysterically, and the group quickly dispatches him. Spiff claims his enchanted banded mail and masterfully crafted heavy shield.

Returning to the entry hall they enter the next chamber and find a large bugbear with four goblin females. Eon misfire a ray of cold energy that turns on himself. Rengar and Spiff engage the bugbear while Garret fires a volley of arrows. Enraged at the sight of elves the bugbear drops back dropping his flail while drawing his bow, he takes careful aim and delivers a shot that staggers Garret. Garret staggers to cover around the corner while Eon backs up the stairs. Yelling out for the elves to face him the rest of the group dispatches the goblins. With Spiff and Rengar advancing the bugbear drops his bow and picks up his flail. With Dann giving Spiff some guidance they put the bugbear down. After healing up with some potions Garret claims three elf bane arrows the bugbear had in its possesion. They begin debating whether they need to rest or not.



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