Tanthalyn's Rise of the Runelords

Session 4

Goblin Hunting

After a nights rest, the group decides to head to Thistletop to hunt the goblins mentioned in Tsuto’s journal. Handout 1-2 Only a few hours by foot they decide to leave the horses in Sandpoint. Dann takes point and leads them through the tangles of the Nettlewood. Along the way he narrowly keeps Spiff from wondering into a goblinberry patch. After a few hours traveling through the Nettlewood, the briars and thistles grow to heights of twenty feet. With the sound of waves crashing on the nearby shore they know they’re close. Searching around Dann finds a hidden door built into the briars. beyond the door, tunnels with a height of four feet leads inward toward the sound of the ocean, it’s going to be cramped for everyone but Blue and the cat.

Inside the thistle tunnels they quickly branch off in three directions, the party heads left. Following the tunnel for a short distance they find a series of doors that leads to an observation post overlooking a cliffface. Returning the way they came they take the center tunnel. Following the tunnel they come to a fork and take the left, it leads to another watch post but before the group can investigate a small opening to the left leads to a small chamber were a large group of goblins are holed up. Blue unhampered by the cramped quarters rushes in and quickly engages the goblins with humor. The rest of the group follows as quickly as they can. Dann uses his druidic abilities to move through the underbrush with ease. Spiff begins to drop goblins as he gets in the room, Garret and Eon begin taking some out at range, and Blue begins sating his hatred of goblins with his morning star. Just as Eon takes aim on the final goblin Spiff steps in and catches a ray of cold energy intended for the goblin. Finishing the goblins they investigate the watch post and see a outpost on a cliff faced island out from their location of towards the right they spot a wooden bridge, now they head back into the tunnels and try to make ther way to the bridge.

Following the tunnels futher in the come to were the tunnel widens and has a hole in the ground that opens into a sea cave feet some seventy below. The occasional howling sound echoes from below. Inspecting the ground Dann spots multiple sets of tracks accompanied by drag marks to the hole, looks like the goblins have thrown someone or something down hole.

Continuing down the tunnel the group comes to what appears to be a kennel of sorts, twelve posts with chains occupy the chamber, but more pressing is the four goblin dogs that immediately attack. Dann cuts through the underbrush and engaes the first dog, with his cat following with the rest of the group. Spiff and Blue wade in while Garret and Eon attack from range. They quickly dispatch the Goblin dogs and continue their journey through the cramped tunnels.

As the tunnel comes to another fork, the group decides to follow the left tunnel, when Dann’s cat begins to growl, with it’s hair raised at something unseen down thr right tunnel. Cautiously following the right tunnel they encounter a goblin with a blade of fire sprouting from it’s hand with a fire-pelt cougar for a companion. Dann’s cat attacks, while Eon unleashes missiles of magical energy. The goblins calls to the tunnels and all the vines and shrubbery begins to grow and wrap around the group. Already hampered by cramped quarters the entangling vines starts to prove to be dificult. Blue unleashes an enchanted joke but the goblin doesn’t seem to understand it. Garret start loosing arrows while struggling to free himself of the vines. Spiff breaks free and advances while Eon moves ahead out of the entangling vines reach. The goblin hurls some flames from its hands at the group and then engages Eon with his blade of flame. With the goblin cornering Eon, Spiff breaks free and finishes the goblin’s cat before rushing to Eon’s aid. With the tide of the battle turning, it’s companion dead, the goblin begs for mercy, which the group doesn’t grant. Going through it’s gear the group finds a wand of produce flame, wand of tree shape, cloak of resistance, and a small sized leather armor +1.

Returning to the other tunnel, it leads to another watch post, further down the tunnel begins to get brighter as it exits overlooking a cliff face with a wooden rope bridge that leads to a island with a stockade. Wounded and out of resources the party decides to return to Sandpoint to rest and return in the morning.



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