Tanthalyn's Rise of the Runelords

Session 3

Below The Glassworks

The group begins gathered in the common room of the Rusty Dragon for breakfast after a evening of rest. As they’re eating Rengar return’s with with a trophy buck for a later feast. They decide to head back to the Glassworks and explore the tunnel underneath it. They decide to start exploring beyond the recently torn down wall. Shortly after starting down the tunnel they are attacked by a strange looking creature they later identified as a sinspawn. Garret and Blue are bitten and show signs of sickness, after a short battle Eon puts it down with a ray of frost.

The tunnel eventually leads to a room of worked stone with a door. Beyond the door a corridor leads into a dungeon. Following the hall they come to a room with a red marble statue of a beautiful but enraged human female. In the left hand is carved a large book with a seven-pointed star. In its right hand it holds a ranseur made of metal and ivory. Blue works the ranseur loose and gives it to Garret.

Continuing on they come to an ancient prison, a wooden platform leads into the room with stairs heading down to the prison level of the chamber. The cells all hold skeletal remains. Heading down to investigate they are ambushed by a couple of sinspawns hanging from the rafters of the platform. With some teamwork the quickly dispatch the sinspawns.

Following a corridor on the other side of the platform the come to what appears to have been a torture chamber. The chamber has two other doors leading out of the room. The groups first choice leads to a room with the remains of a large table and a few chairs. Among the rubble are the fragmented remains of many books and scrolls, the pcs find a scroll of flaming sphere which Eon takes. The wall of the room opposite where they entered has three doors each bearing a symbol that looks like a seven-pointed star. Behind each of the doors is a cell with the deformed skeletal remains of a humanoid.

Beyond the other door of the previous chamber a set of stairs decends to a large chamber with a vaulted ceiling and eleven wooden lids built into the floor. More pressing though is the three armed goblin equipped with a human sized longsword. Spiff charges in and engages the goblin while Garret fires an arrow that hits the mark. Then the goblin pulls the aat Blue takes.rrow out and its wound partially heals up. Ignoring Spiff it moves over to the rest of the party and spits up a stream of foul smelling, burning blood, Nauseating everyone but Rengar and Spiff. With most of the group nauseated Spiff calls on his diety to smite the evil that is the deformed goblin, as the rest of the group comes around the finish the goblin, and Spiff takes the enchanted longsword.After dispatching the goblin they lift a lid in the floor and find they all are 20 foot pits with zombies at the bottom, They destroy the zombies with ease.

Past the goblin room a corridor leads to a blocked stairs leading up that has collapsed, and a strange spherical room. In the room floating and spinning is a ragged book, a scroll, a bottle of wine, dead raven surrounded by maggots, and a wand. Fearing something might happen if they enter they use a mage hand to retrieve the items in the room, among them a scroll of burning hands that Eon takes and a wand of shocking grasp that Blue takes.

Retracing there steps thay return to a branch near where they entered and come upon a shrine with an altar made of a block of black marble. Upon which is a small basin filled with foul water. Unable to determine what enchantment is on the water the group leaves it and moves on to the double doors at the end of the chamber.

Entering the doors they come to a cathedral contaning a large pool with a ring of polished skulls balanced on stone spikes, beyond the pool is a pair of stairs that leads to a pulpit with a second pool of bubbling water. A quasit spots the group and yells something about the group “daring to intrude upon the Mother’s sanctum” and slashes her wrist letting some of the blood drip into the pool, and a sinspawn rises. The pcs charge in with the quasit casts a spell, Spiff momentarily feels his muscles tense and freeze before he shrugs it off. As the group takes down the sinspawn the quassit takes to the air hits Rengar with a ray draing his strength. The group turns there attention to the little demon but are having trouble inflicting any harm on it. Having trouble getting to the quasit Spiff draws his crossbow and fires with precision sticking it to the wall. With the little demon stuck to the wall, Spiff, Rengar, and Garret taking turns trying to hit the little bugger with ranseurs.having run out of spells and unable to free it self from the wall the demon begins throwing a dagger at the party that keeps returning after missing or inflicting damage. Dann’s feline friend starts jumping try to reach the quasit while dann starts boosting the groups health. Meanwhile Eon begins opening the other doors in the room to try and find something to stand on. Finding the side rooms empty he heads back to the alter outside the room. After this continues for what seems an eternity, Rengar’s strength returns and he’s able to destroy the quasit. They claim the tiny cold iron returning dagger the quasit was throwing at them.

Exhausted and out of resources the party returns to the Rusty Dragon for some rest. after resting up they return to explore the last corridor. Atop some stars they come to door with a small chamber beyond it. a vargouille flies from the shadows and screeches, paralyzing Garret, Blue, Eon, and the tiger. Rengar charges forward cutting it in two quickly. Past the small chamber they find a set of stairs that once ascended but has since collapsed. Having finished exploring the dungeon they return to the Rusty Dragon to decide what to do next.



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