Tanthalyn's Rise of the Runelords

Session 2

Trouble at the Rusty Dragon

After the hunt the party (minus Rengar, who decided he needed to get a trophy himself) returned to the Rusty Dragon. Aldern gave the boar to Ameiko to prepare for a feast. While relaxing and enjoying some beverages in the common room, a eldery Tian man slams the inns door open and yells out in a language none of the pcs understands. After a few more outbursts he notices the party and speaking in the common tongue accuses them of endangering the townsfolk with there ill-advised antics against the goblins, and that they should leave the defense of Sandpoint to “trained professionals”, and " just what we need, a filthy band of vagrants to attract even more trouble to town". Before he can continue, Ameiko comes from the back to see what the commotion is and begins arguing in a strange language with the elderly man. A local would explain the man is Lonjiku Kaijitsu, Ameiko’s father. As it begins to escalate Spiff and Blue step in to try and diffuse the situation, Lonjiku reaches for Ameiko’s hair and she dodges and hits him in the forehead with a ladle, covering him with soup and potatoes. He replies with a comment that appears to really sting Ameiko and storms out. After picking up the ladle and pulling a hair from it she replies " I’ll need a new ladle since jackass stew’s not on the menu" drawing a cheer from the tavern’s patrons, she extends the pc’s free rooms for a week.

Monster in the Closet

After their meal the pc’s are approached by a woman with her 2 children. She explains, (through teary eyes) that they were at the Swallowtail Festival where her oldest son Aeren saw a goblin light a cat on fire and dance around the body. He hasn’t been the same since. Every night his screams start the dog into fits of barking, and when her husband Alergast checked on him he would claim there was a goblin in the closet, but which Alergast could never find. This has gone on every night since festival. Yesterday Alergast said he would make Aeren sleep in the woodshed if he didn’t “man up” and make it through the night without crying. Last night Alergast ignored him when he started screaming, but a few moments later when the dog yelprd out in pain and Aeren’s screams intensified, Alergast ran into his room and found a goblin on Aeren’s chest, the dog dead, a knife stuck in it’s ear. He attacked the goblin chasing it back into closet. She fled with the children to seek help and asks that the pc’s could check it out. The party heads to there home and finds Alergast laying in closet, when they pull him out they find he’s quite dead, the flesh on his face and upper torso eaten away. A goblin jumps up after it’s meal and attacks. The party quickly dispatches the lone goblin. While searching the hole under the closet, Sheriff Hemlock arrives and thanks the pc’s for there help.

Goblin Hunt

After the latest goblin attack in town the group decides to search for possible lair, the decide to begin at Junk Beach, on the way they decide to swing by Gorvi’s shack(the local dungsweeper)He wasn’t home and talk among locals suggests he’s out drinking. After they head down to beach and start searching for caves or hidden entrance somewhere. Finding nothing yhey decide to check out “The Old Light” and stop and visit local expert on it, sage Brodert Quink, they learn his theories are that “the old light” was once a war machine of ancient Thassilon that was capable of spewing fire more than a mile. He also offers to purchase any Thassilonian artifacts the group might find in there travels. After coming up empty handed again they decide to head back to the Rusty Dragon and wait for trouble to find them.

News From Mosswood

The next day Sheriff Hemlock finds the party and asks them to join him and Mayor Devlin at the town hall for a meeting. Arriving at the meeting they are introduced to Shalelu Andosana, who is “an unofficial member of Sandpoint’s town guard” Shalelu goes on to explain how the five area goblin tribes are working together and goblin tribes don’t work together unless something big is planned, and big plans mean bigger bosses. She mentions the five tribes.

  • Birdcruncger Goblins, who live in caves along the western edge of the Devil’s Platter
  • Licktoad Goblins, of the Brinestump Marsh, who are excellant swimmers
  • Seven Tooth Goblins, from Shank’s Wood, who’ve made a name for themselves by raiding Junk Beach and rebuilding junk into armor and weapons
  • Mosswood Goblins, largest tribe but traditionally held back by fueding families within ranks
  • Thistletop Goblins, live on the Nettlewood coast on a small island that resembles a decapitated head

She goes on to note that goblins don’t live long, and that it’s unusual for a goblin to gain any notoriety, but when it does it’s well earned. There are currently 6 goblins in the region who are “heroes” among there kind.

  • Big Gugmut, an unusually muscular and tall goblin from Mosswood. It’s said his mother was a hobgoblin and his father a wild boar
  • Kouvus, a champion of the Seven Tooth tribe, well known for his short temper and his prized possession," a magic longsword sized for a human". He vanished several months ago after he discovered a “secret hideout”
  • Vorka, a notorious goblin cannibal who lives in the Brinestump Marsh
  • Rendwattle Gutwad, the obese chieftan of the Brinestump Goblins, a corpulent monster who, it is sais, never leaves his throne
  • Ripnugget, the leader of the Thistletop Goblins and controls what is considered the best lair of the 5 tribes
  • Bruthazmas, a bugbear ranger who lives in northern Nettlewood and often visits the five tribes to trade things he’s stolen from caravan for alcohol or news. He has a particular hatred of elves, and has fought Shalelu on several occasions.

After the meeting Sheriff Hemlock informs the party he’s taking a few guards south to Magnimar to see about getting extra guards to station at Sandpoint for a few weeks. He asks Shalelu to sniff around the goblin tribes to she if she can find out any new info. He also asks the pc’s to maintain a public presence while he’s gone as “the locals have taken to them”

Where’s Ameiko

The following day after the sheriff has left town the group is found by Bethana Corwin, a halfling maid who works at the Rusty Dragon. When she woke that morning for the first time she can remember Ameiko hadn’t started breakfast. She knocked on Ameiko’s door and when no one answered she entered to find the room empty and the bed unslept in. She also found a crumpled up piece of parchment, Handout 1-1 which she translates and gives to the party. She goes on to explain that Tsuto was born a year before Ameiko and was something of a scandel since he’s a half elf, she points out that neither of Ameiko’s parents are elves. Tsuto was sent to the Turandarok Academy to be raised outside the family, ignored by his father and forbidden visits from his mother. Ameiko started visiting once she learned of him a couple times a month to keep him company and bring him food. That all changed when they had an arguement in which he struck Ameiko, whatever the arguement was about she left Sandpoint for a year. She returned to attend her mother’s funeral. There was a confrontation between Tsuto and there father at the funeral, her father broke Tsuto’s jaw and he left Sandpoint. Ameiko has tried to find Tsuto but was never able to track him down. Bethana’s worried Tsuto"s up to no good, and with the sheriff gone, she didn’t know who else to turn to, so she asks the group to go to the Glassworks and investigate.

The Glassworks

The party heads to the Glassworks and finds it closed. Garret breaks out his tools and quickly unlocks the doors, while a few locals inquire as to why “the heroes of Sandpoint” are breaking in. The quickly respond official business. They enter the display room and move to the back of building. After passing a few storerooms, they find a dining hall that is a wreck, looking as though someone tossed it. Off the dining room they find the servant’s quarters, blood spattered all over the walls and beds. Continuing further they come upon the kitchen which also appears ransacked, next to which is a pantry that has been demolished and all the food taken. After passing through a few more store rooms they come to a room with a safe in the floor that is open. Beyond one of the doors is a flight of stairs going down, the party decides to clear out the level before decending. Passing through the double doors they come to room with a disturbing sight, the furnace room, propped up in a chair in the center alcove, encased in thick, runny sheets of glass is Lonjiku’s body, further into the room are the remains of eight servants in various stages of dismemberment, with melted glass poured over the body parts, but what really stands out are the large group of goblins. They quickly engage the goblins and a bottleneck is formed where the groups meet. Spiff begins to slay goblins with ease while Dann strugles to get his tiger to join the fight until it’s burned by a goblin with a hot poker. Blue unleashes some of his comedy and Eon starts off with some magic missiles, Garret opens fire but has issues with the battle being one large melee. As the goblins continue to fall Eon drops, an arrow sticking in his back. Tsuto snuck up from below. As Tsuto deflects an arrow from Garret Blue retreats to Eon without concern for his own safety and brings him back from dea ths door. As the goblin numbers dwindle Spiff calls on his diety to smite Tsuto’s evil, with a quick daze from Eon he quickly dispatches Tsuto. They find a potion,ring of protection, mwk thieve’s tools, mwk flute, pouches of gold and silver dust, coin, and a journal Handout 1-2. The journal has some insight into who is behind the attacks on Sandpoint and the group concludes it was the previously thought deceased daughter of the dead high priest of Sandpoint. Decending down to the lower level they find Ameiko unconsious, bound and gagged,Dann heals her then they free her and inform her of her fathers demise. She rewards them for her rescue with free room and board at the Rusty Dragon as long as they live. They also find a tunnel that branches off in multiple directions, one way ends at a secret door in a cave off the Varisian Gulf, while another ends in a once bricked up wall that has been recently razed. The group decides to escort Ameiko back to the Rusty Dragon and return after resting.



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