Tanthalyn's Rise of the Runelords

Session 1

The Swallowtail Festival

The Swallowtail Festival started promptly on time, on the Autumnal Equinox. The square quickly became crowded with locals and travelers alike, along with several tents of food, local crafts and souveniers. The festival is opened with speeches from Mayor Deverin, Sheriff Hemlock, Cyrdak Drokkus, and Father Zantus. The festival has numerous games and contests, sack races, hide and seek, weight-lifting challenges, tug of war. Sir Spiff and Rengar meet at the weight-lifting challenge where Rengar defeats “the puny human”. At noon Father Zantus recounts a parable of how Desna fell to earth and was nursed back to earth by a blind child whom she transformed into a immortal butterfly before the father releases storm of swallowtail butterflies. All of Sandpoint’s taverns have set up offering free lunch, the group samples a a varity, The White Deer’s peppercorn venison, Hagfish’s lobster chowder, and The Rusty Dragon’s curry spiced salmon and early winterdrop mead. Finally as the sun sets Father Zantus takes the stage for the consecration of the new temple and uses a thunderstone to get everyone’s attention.


As Father Zantus clears his throat, screams can be heard from all over the festival, a dog yelps and falls dead and then they see them, goblins. The party takes up arms with Rengar engaged with 4 quickly, Sir Spiff and Garret nearest, Blue, Dann, and Eon move to assist from the other side of the town square. After dispensing with the goblins and healing Rengar, the chaos ensues. Goblins racing everywhere, and a cart full of fuel and wood for the bonfire on the other side of square goes up in flames and more goblins are spotted, this time with a warchanter. The group rushes in taking care of the goblins, but Rengar falls victom to the warchanter’s hideous laughter and spends the fight laughing at poor goblin humor.After some assistance from Father Zantus a scream is heard off towards the north, the group arrives just in time to see a goblin commando kill Aldern Foxglove’s dog. The party quickly dispatches the goblins but Rengar is dropped in the process, but is revived with quick thinking from Eon with a potion found earlier. Aldern informs the group he is staying at the Rusty Dragon for a few more days and invites the group to stop so he can reward them.

Bonding With Hagfish

After dealing with the goblins and the people of Sandpoint retreating to there homes or taverns to recover from the days horrors, the group decides to head to the Hagfish. Upon arriving all but Dann decides to bond over the hagfish contest. For 1 sp a patron may attemt to drink a tankard of the thick and horrifically slimy and foul tasting water. Blue begins the contest and holds down the water winning 280 sp. Eon, Spiff, and Garret each attemt to hold down a tankard and fail. Finally while Blue is carving his name in the ceiling beam with the previous winners names Rengar holds a tankard down winning the 4 sp the party placed in the pouch. Leaving the Hagfish they meet Ameiko Kaijitsu who offers the group free rooms at the Rusty Dragon for a week for there actions defeating the goblins.

The Desecrated Vault

The following day Sheriff Hemlock finds the party to thank them again and ask for help investigating a crypt that was found open in the Sandpoint Boneyard. Upon Sir Spiff opening the crypt door they are attacked by skeltons. After defeating the skeletons the find a used up robe of bones and the sarcophagus that contained Father Ezakien has been opened and the remains stolen. Rengar finds tracks from goblins and a lone humanoid outside the crypt that leads to the boneyard wall. They follow the tracks for a few miles until they are lost.

Boar Hunt

After losing the goblins tracks the group heads back to The Rusty Dragon to meet Aldern Foxglove. On the way to the Rusty Dragon Sir Spiff is apprached by Shayliss Vinder to help her rid the general store’s basement of rats, Spiff heads off with Shayliss while Garret follows. Upon reaching the rat free basement with a cot set up in the back she begins to seduce Spiff. Just before things get to intense her father Ven Vinder appears downstairs and catches the 2 together, Spiff talks his way out of a fight with an angry father. Back at The Rusty Dragon Aldern gives the pcs 60 gp and asks them to join him on a boar hunt. With the party agreeing he buys everyone a riding horse, except Garret who already owns a warhorse, and they head out to the Tickwood Forest. Spiff delivers the killing blow to the boar and Aldern invites everybody back to The Rusty Dragon for a feast.



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